A meeting was first held on January 15th 1989, in the Commercial Hotel with the aim of starting a fundraising group for  The Cancer Research Campaign.After electing office bearers the remaining became a committee of 24.

Events started with a Tombola on the 2nd of March, with a star prize of a £50 voucher.  In the first year the group raised  raised £11,600.

Over the next few years a wide variety of events were held. Door -Door collections took us as far as Lossiemouth –  Sales of Work, Party plans, our First  Fashion Show in 1989 raised  £534. Concerts where we sang songs from round the world, danced, created many laughs with copies of Top of the Pops, Bridal show and many more events which not only raised lots of money but was entertaining and fun.

1990 saw the first Bike run, which raised £2500 and in 1992 we started Christmas Card Delivery, charging 5p per card, locally. ( Now at 15p )

In 1991 the group was awarded The Nuffield Trophy,in recognition of its work .Raising the most £1 per person per population.